Wednesday, December 29, 2004

We had a brilliant christmas - To my horror the kids were up at 5.30am, so I was tired all day. The kids seemed to like everything that Santa brought for them :) I got some nice perfume from Gary and a pair of slippers and a new handbag and some chocolates. Of my Mum and Dad I got a new pair of speakers for my pc which are really brill and I got some smellies as well. I got a lovely replica of Arwen's (Lord of the rings) necklace from my sister Eloise and a Lotr calender of my other sister Emily. From Natalie in Us I got a brill Tshirt. Thanks Natalie - I love it. Even the mother in law got it right for me this year lol - She got us vouchers so we could get some more flooring for our dining room - Which I was chuffed about. She really liked the Bonsai tree I ended up getting her - Phew.

So what are your New years resolutions? Did you keep many from last year? This year I am hoping to lose weight, do more work on the house, sort out more bills, make more money and generally use my time more wisely - So the word for next year is Proactive. Hopefully it should work out better as my hubby has taken a job which means he will be home every night, We will have more of a normal life which I am really looking forward to. Oh and I am going to Take Posh the cat to more shows this year and hopefully breed her as well. Oh and join another gym closer to home. Phew I really have my work cut out. lol

Hope you all had a good Christmas celebration. I am going to try and add a picture for you now.

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