Sunday, December 19, 2004

well its been ages since I have blogged, so here especially for Jilly is another entry lol. Things have been so very hectic here, It has taken me ages just to realise that December wont slow down for me to catch up on my christmas shopping. But I think I am finally there - Including the ever elusive gift for the mother in law. I got her a Bonsai tree, I think she will like it. I have bought alot less for the kids this year, I have tried to stay away from Ebay - My addiction.

Things have been so hectic in school with the kids, something on every day, carol signing in various places, the christmas service, cinema trips, the christmas fayre - And that just with Joanna. They seem to lead such a hectic life at only 4 and 2 years old. They have had more christmas cards than me :( Joanna came home with 35 cards, I dont think I even know that many people.

We had a night out last night with my friends from college, we had a three course christmas dinner, It was a lovely evening which was really nice. It was a relaxed atmosphere and even though I didnt drink I had a great time.

The kids are off school now and Gary is off work at the moment too, He has helped me get organised which is good but I get far less time online unfortunately, He thinks me and the pc spend too much time together. I am hoping he will work a few days next week for me to spend some time at my mums with the kids. It seems like ages since I spent any time with my sisters.

Got my turkey this morning - We were at town at 10am for opening and it was still stupidly busy there, I wonder why everyone leaves it till the last minute to get the shopping in - I mean we all know we gotta get the presents right???

Well if I dont get a chance to blog again before christmas have a brilliant time.

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