Friday, August 05, 2005

Friends of ours (who shall remain nameless) took their 5 year old son to a coastal park last weekend. A lovely place on the Gower penninsula it also is home to a great number of birds and animals (sort of a small zoo on the waterfront)

The family had a lovely day, even though they had to keep reminding their boy not to go near the water in case he got wet.

However 5 minutes later he was wet! all down the front - although he promised he had not been near the water and had not has any 'accidents'

The parents thought nothing of it, collected their picnic basket and headed home.

After a nice warm bath it was time for bed and mum asked boy if he would like his favorite penguin teddy (The one he hasnt slept without for 2 years) and he said...


Mum asked shocked "Why"

Boy replies "Because I have a real one now"

Mum: "WHAT"

Boy "Downstairs in the picnic basket"

Yes you guessed it - There sitting in the picnic basket looking confused was a baby penguin, explaining why the boy had got wet.

Brings a new meaning to 'pick up a penguin' huh? You turn your back for two minutes and your kid is stealing zoo animals - what is the world coming too?

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