Friday, September 09, 2005

The children are back in school, Need I say more there!!!!

Joannas first day back and she comes home upset, someone had told her about hurricane Katrina. And since she heard that this was in America automatically thought about Aunty Natalie and Uncle Clayton She wanted to know why I hadnt told her that they were safe, this was followed by questions and questions to do with the flooding, Why the people didnt run away quickly, the people that died, their pets and teddies and lastly coffins and death. I did my best to answer but it is still on my mind as I know she will come home tonight with more questions.

I have eaten sooooo much chocolate this morning - I am having a "downer" of a day. Period pains like I havent had in years - I feel like a teenager. Ever get those mornings when you leave the house and everything seems so bright that your eyes just cant take it.

Ok I am gonna go before I ruin everyone elses day lol.

Btw Pickle if your reading this - I cant comment on your blog - I am not ignoring you. Apparently I have to be a team member to comment. I wanna be a team member pleeeaaaase and so does Jilly!!!

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