Saturday, December 17, 2005

Ah I reckon I have this christmas thing under control. I mean I havent written all my christmas cards yet, or wrapped presents or even thought about irrelevant things like what toys need batteries etc.

On the whole I feel quite calm, Another 8 hours in the day would be handy, and I have something planned every day from now to New years eve, And I have absolutely NOTHING nice to wear But hey shit happens right??

I unfortunatley will be doing my food shopping at 4 in the morning to avoid the masses of hysterical people (I have noooo intention of argueing over parsnips - Nothing is that essential) Apart from that I have everyones presents stuffed in various locations all over the house - Thats all I have to do now is remember where I put them.

But I think ..... No I am sure Christmas wont dissapear or collapse in failure if I just sit here for the afternoon and enjoy the 3 bars of chocolate I have been hiding for me. mmmmmmmm