Tuesday, December 06, 2005

So I lied about updating - Shoot me!!!!

I finally have a new computer, It has pretty lights, 6 usb posts and a camera memory card reader - So thats good enough for me.

I have just discovered the terrible truth about christmas (no its nothing to do with Santa) I have to my absolute horror spent a small fortune, and when I say that I am really not joking.

Note to self - Do not start buying in September and stuff things under bed and forget about them.

The average spend (according to the bbc) on a girl is £127 and £223 on a boy, bullshit!!!!Where did you get those figures - they are rubbish.

Have they actually seen the price of toys - Its £20 for a Barbie.

Anyway back to writing christmas cards by the fire with three bottles of mulled wine :)

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