Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I am not a patient person so when I discovered that the cat was pregnant I was glad it was only 65 days I would have to wait to have lots of little kitties around. Only problem is I have no idea when the 65 days started so I awake every morning wondering if she has popped them out!

She is irriated by it all now and waddles everywhere and has to sit down on the journey from the living room to the kitchen because apparently its just too far. I have to keep all doors closed especially upstairs because if she decides to give birth under Ethan's bed he would flip. He cant sleep with the light off, He would have no hope with kittens under his bed.

So we all wait and wait and wait, Joanna is as impatient as me. Please be in the next few days - I just want to get it over with.