Monday, January 07, 2008


Why didnt I start my diet on January 1st ? - Because it was New years day and no one starts on new years day.

Why hadnt i Started my diet on January 2nd ? Because I still had a cold and needed comforting - so ate loads of chocolate.

Why didnt I start my diet last weekend? There is no point until everyone goes back to school and work and things go back to normal.

So why didnt I start my diet today? Well because the kids had an inset day and there was a box of christmas biscuits left that were calling my name.

Why will I definately start my diet tomorrow ? Because I just saw how fat I look in this photo ......gutted..

(A very rare picture of me on the left with my sister Natalie at christmas)

After outwitting my son Ethan today he asks "how did you know that?"

I answered "Because I am your mother and I know everything!"

He replys "You dont .... You dont know Gods phone number"

Outsmarted by a 5 year old ................. He's got a point though!!!!!