Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Very shortly after I blogged on Saturday I got a phone call from hubby in work, He sounded strange, said he was coming home right away, I knew from his voice that he had had hurt.

He got home 20 minutes later as white as a sheet. He was using the controls on a hiab crane to move a cabin off his truck, the ground under the trailer collapsed and sent the cabin swinging forward where he just happened to be standing, It hit and pinned him up against a hedge. His workmates managed to get him out within a minute. He is covered in bruises, cuts and lumps but very fortunately he is ok. Now and again these things happen to him and each time I am utterly amazed that he manages to escape with his life.

Yesterday was his birthday and he went to work despite the fact he was still hurting. This weekend I am planning on a little party with the kids for him to show him he is appreciated.

Oooo oooo and Guess what??? I lost three pounds, despite cheer-up chinese food on Saturday.