Thursday, August 26, 2004

Food is too yummy to diet

We all had a great weekend - On Saturday we took the kids to Mcdonalds and then to the Ice cream Parlour and in the evening Gary and I had a chinese so diet ruined in the first week lol. Sunday we made an early start to take the kids to Folly farm, The weather was supposed to be awful all day - But instead we had a lovely day. This was the first time we went anywhere and Ethan walked all day - So much easier than taking the pushchair - Its days like these you realise how quickly they grow. We did everything there was to so, and came home exausted - needless to say they were asleep as soon as they got into bed.

Monday morning and the kids were off to their Mamgu's (Garys mum) so I had a day of peace, But I was dreading today, Diet class and by the time I got there was in a cold sweat - How could I lose weigh after eating two mcdonalds, a chocolate marshmallow sundae, not to mention the candy floss and popcorn. But I did lose 5 and a half pounds and now I know I have to work extra hard otherwise it will catch up with me next week - I am already thinking of excuses not to go, especially since me and the kids have been making cakes and I just ate 6 - Food is too yummy to diet.

I just got my Lord of the Rings The two towers extended dvd this morning, with the 42 extra minutes making it nearer 4 hours long. I cant wait to watch it but unfortunately it wont be tonight as Gary promises he will be home and theres no way he would sit through it lol.

I am off out early in the morning to take my sister Emily to get her GCSE results, I know she will do brill. To be honest it will be good to get out of the house, I cant wait for things to go back to normal, At the moment I feel as if I am in Limbo. One of my friends from college called yesterday with all the news - I was so excited to hear from her, I start back in October in my third year of the 6 years I have to do - Normality seems so far away.

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