Monday, November 15, 2004

Another week starts, Husband and kids all left the house in a bad mood this morning and I couldnt wait for some peace, some teacher shouted me at the school for not shutting a door correctly??????? She didnt like it when I had a go back at her though - She made a hasty exit lol. Ethan came home with his first birthday party invitation this week - He was so proud to get invited, Its a proper party too - I never bothered organising any before Joanna started school (apart from a family tea) they cost so much - You have to wonder if its worth spending £80 on a two year olds party.

I have spent the last week stressing about Christmas - I usually have most of the childrens done by now but not this year, I am working hard on selling stuff on ebay to get some pressies. And what to get for the mother in law - Is it possible to get it right???????

No college last week and I really missed it - Nothing to think about and therefore I have no deep ponderings for you this week. Wednesday though and I am sure I will be given plenty to think of.

I am off on my weekend away this weekend - I am really looking forward to some time with my hubby (when hes not sulking that is) Hoping to do some shopping, See Bridget Jones - The edge of reason and have a nice meal and a few drinks. I plan to spoil myself lol.

Well I am off to visit some blogs now - Let me know you stopped by and I will pay you a visit as well. Hugs. And Welcome Home Jilly if you are reading, Missed you hun.

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