Thursday, November 04, 2004

It seems like ages since I posted last, It has been a hectic week. Childrens parties and other such things are taking up so much of my time as well as planning for christmas - A friend told me she had finished her shopping consequently sending me into a panic.

I had college yesterday. We were discussing Humanisim and what they believe in. They believe there is no God, no supernatrual and no after life - we therefore have to make the most of this life. I am not sure I agree totally, different cultures throughout the ages, all over the world,have all had one thing in common - They all have a God. I am not a religious person but I would like to believe there is something out there and yes I do believe in the supernatrual and afterlife. What about you?
Counselling is a deep thought provolking subject - I wouldnt normally have gone for it but I find it really interesting.

Tomorrow night we celebrate Guy fawkes and I am really looking forward to a night out with the children, I cant wait to see their faces as they see the fireworks go off in the sky. A local hotel has arranged a big event with a band and some of the stars of Pop idol Not sure who though having never watched it.

Have a great Bonfire night if you celebrate it.

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