Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I think I am seriously addicted to this blog explosion thing - Its really good fun. Jilly I blame you lol.

The weather here in Wales is awful today, gale force winds and heavy rain. The kids are not to badly behaved considering it is half term - There was an incident with a bowl of Weetabix ending up all over the wall yesterday but nothing to bad. We have spent the day at my mothers today so her house could get messed up instead of mine lol

I have had all of my history of medicine books back from Ebay now - For those of you who dont know I am in the third year of a six year part time degree in Humanites (major History) This years subjects are counselling and the history of medicine, Counselling wasnt really what I wanted to do but I have to take whats on offer. It is interesting though. Last week we had a discussion on what your earliest childhood memory is, Most people only seem to remember bad things under 5 years or nothing at all before then. Whats your earliest memory? Mine is sitting on a table in my living room surrounded by toys eating endless easter eggs (no suprise there) Now thats happiness for you lol

Right I am off to surf more blogs - Leave a little note and say you stopped by - I always return the visit :)

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