Saturday, January 01, 2005

A new year

2005 already - I am sure every year goes faster. I hope you enjoyed the celebrations, personally I was in bed early with my seasonal cold only to be woken by a neighbours midnight firework display. 2 hours later (after comforting a terrified dazed 2 year old) I got back to sleep.

When do the decorations come down? If anyone knows please tell me - Isnt it supposed to be bad luck if you take them down before a certain date? Personally I now cant wait to see the back of them, I am looking forward to getting back into routine, everyone going back to work and school so I can get some decent cleaning done.

My news years resoulutions I hear you ask - I have many - ok so the obvious - lose weight (ps 1st January doesnt count because its New Years day and you can eat what you like lol) but apart from that I have small realistic targets. Laminate the floor in the dining room, finish decorating my bedroom, fix the doorbell, read more with the kids, and make sure the family has a holiday this year.

A prayer before I go for all the people affetced by the earthquake and Tsunami. Its just to awful to put into words. So many lives lost.

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