Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ah crap - I hate computers. Macromedia flash player 8 keeps crashing my pc and I cant do anything about it. In an ideal world when I email them to complain about it they wouldnt send me some bullshit automated reply and would actually read my email. Getting close to launching the computer out the window now.

There are a few things that cheer me up despite the fact that it apparently hasnt stopped raining for weeks. Firstly we are definately looking for a car this week, and so far havent argued too much about chosing one.

And just to annoy Jilly - Its only 47 days till xmas and I cant wait. I am also doing well on my diet (for once) and in general life is good.

That is apart from Ethan (3) grabbing one of the other mums hands at the school today and telling her he was gonna snog her, and they proceeded to snog her hand - I mean where the hell did he learn the word and what it was, because I sure didnt teach him it. That was topped off nicely by Joanna (5) asking me when she could buy herself a proper bra !!!! I never fail to be surprised by motherhood.

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