Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I got tagged by Rhea so here goes. 20 things about me you may not know.

1. I have 9 GCSES, 3 A Levels and a degree in Archaeology.

2. I used to collect erasers when I was a child and still have them now.

3. I am the eldest of four sisters, there is a 7 year gap between me and Natalie (second eldest)

4. I have a strange obsession with snow.

5. I am not religious

6. I love films especially sci fis

7. I love spending time alone (I guess that comes with being a mother lol)

8. I am a very good swimmer

9. I have a tattoo on my left breast - oooo errrrr!!!!

10. I absolutely 100% love christmas and always buy far too much.

11. I have run two pubs and an off licence - No I am not a hardened alcoholic before you ask.

12. I passed my driving test on the third attempt

13. I have long brown hair and brown eyes

14. I like to read and have a bedside table full of books that I will probably never get the chance to read.

15. I can draw quite well.

16. I absolutely adore shopping at Next

17. I have to climb through the passenger side door of my car to get to the drivers side because my drivers side door in tied shut because its broken. I am hoping to finally get a new car next month.

18. I hate having my photo taken.

19. I am an Ebay addict. Who needs shops anyway?

20. I have a cat called posh - she is a maine coon

I tag Jilly, Natalie and Pickle to tell us 20 facts

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