Friday, February 03, 2006

Now it is my humble opinion that you go to a supermarket with the aim of purchasing food and leaving as quickly as possible. I dont know any Mum's who like food shopping - It is one of the absolute crappiest chores I have to do.

Why is it then that some people go and use it as a meeting place and stand blocking the aisles nattering about how various acquaintences are, that they cant be bothered to go and visit.

What is it about "door out of order - please use other door" that confuses some people?? And why do people who deliberately barge in front of you, look at you angrily when you catch their feet with your trolly? And then expect me to say sorry - Keep dreaming pal.

Why do people spend ages pondering whether to buy a product when there are three people trying to get to the get the same thing and get going? Are they blind, oblivious or just rude?

And why are there either massive ques at the checkout or I have picked the checkout lady that scans one item a minute launching my goods down the conveyor belt as if she is deliberately trying to dent, squash or crack them?

All questions I shall never know the answer to and unfortunately I still have to go and suffer food shopping every week till I die unless I happen to win the euromillions jackpot tonight with my five tickets - Not that I am obsessing or anything but what I could do with £125,000,000.