Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How inconsiderate - Nearly everyone of Ethans friends turned up at his birthday party costing me a whopping 115 quid. I mean surely some of them could have been 'busy' or 'sick' but noooo it seems little Ethan is quite popular.

That said you wouldnt think him smacking a school friend in the face with a bat yesterday would do his popularity any good but he was in fact the only one out of our family to get a Valentines card (yes a proper one at the ripe ole age of 4)

And yes thats right not a whiff of a card insight for me! But yes I am married now so perhaps I shouldnt expect. His excuse? I tell you I love you all the time - isnt that enough????? nuff said

We are going away in just under two weeks to center parcs I nearly needed a bank loan to pay for the holiday then I got my holiday planner back detailing the costs of everything else ..... and omg I think I am gonna have to pinch the crown jewels just to cover the costs of the first day there.

Saturday also looms - you know what happens Saturday? Apart from me going out with a few mates and having a few (ok more than a few) drinks. I dont care, really I dont. It doesnt bother me one bit....honest.