Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Over the last week I have had an eye infection meaning I have either had to wear my glasses (instead of my contacts) or nothing at all.

Now this is great until unknown to me I get a huge stationary order (15 boxes of bubble envelopes for my ebay stuff) that gets left with nextdoor whilst I am dropping the kids off at school. I took my glasses off as soon as I got in through the door.

The lad next door is a real sweetie, Always waves, chats, gives the kids sweets etc, sooooo I really should have recognised him when he knocked on the door surrounded by these 15 boxes shouldnt I???? I mean we have been living next door to each other for 4 years.

But No - I simply assumed he was the delivery driver and told him where I wanted the boxes and apart from thanks said nothing else. He smiled and although seemed a little uncomfortable left quickly after carrying them all in.

He then got into his car (obviously on his way out) and left ..... which was the awful point when I realised he wasnt a delivery driver. OMG I was sooo embarresed and so must he have been.

I had to go round there with a six pack of beer yesterday and explain, I could have died I was so embarressed. He was ok about it though (I am sure he has had a good laugh at it though)

Ethan was 4 yesterday - Already. Birthday party tomorrow night, 20 screaming kids - great huh. Here they are yesterday up to mischief.

Happy birthday Ethan Posted by Picasa