Friday, February 24, 2006

I cant believe we need soooo much stuff just to go away for 5 days. I cant believe it is taking so much organising and I cant believe my hubby (who moaned and moaned when I booked the holiday) is soooo excited. Big kids huh?

This will be the first break we have had since Ethan was 6 months old (4 now) - so its an exciting time for the kids too, They keep asking 'how many sleeps' which would be fine if it wasnt 3am.

It will be so nice for us all to spend some time together, I have the perfect idea of a holiday in my head but I know from experience it wont go like that and we will probably end up screaming at each other.

oh btw I had an excellent night out on my birthday, I had the worst hangover of my life on the Sunday.

Catch you all in a week bloggers. Au revoir x x x