Monday, April 24, 2006

Anyone else notice that Blogger has been an absolute pain in the arse today?? Bet ya have.

I finally have peace from my lovely but very strange children, Ethan decided to kiss all his money goodnight (and as he has over £3 in small change that takes a while) He has an abnormal obsession with money and I have no idea how to curb it.

And Joanna has successfully finished her first playstation 2 game (Crash Bandicoot Tag team racing) which means she is itching for a new challenge and a new game (which is costly)

Myself I have decided its that time of year to crash diet again and I am back on the slimfast. Hubby has decided to embark on the challenge with me - only problem is he will stick to it and I will end up cursing him in a few weeks time (look out for the rant on here shortly)

Have to go and do a ton of Ebaying now - Have been putting it off all day.