Thursday, April 20, 2006

So its all change around here, I guess after the last post I figured I should put a bit more effort in. Thanks to all who emailed me and thanks to family members (who shall remain nameless) who told other family members who then lectured me on why I should be thankful and yes they are right....I should be.

I am feeling much more cheerful now - especially today, because last night after a week in hiding, the wart on my face fell off. (cue laughter) Yes this may not seem like much to you but having a huge witch wart on your face for nearly a year does nothing for your confidence. You seen the Austin Powers film and the mole scene - Well that was me. So I bought some special stuff from USA (because my doctor refused to give me anything) and the end result is today it is gone. So now my sisters nickname for me (moleeeee) is history.

In other news my sister got a seventies style haircut (she made the error of letting my mother cut her hair) I discovered there are only nine weeks till we all go to USA and crap I havent got the kids passports yet, Ethan proved he was is hard as nails by not crying whilst getting his MMR (when I asked him how he was so brave he said it was because he couldnt possibly cry in front of three lady nurses!!!!) and finally Joanna has developed a disturbing addiction the the playstation and playing it for eight hours at a time - I am not sure if this is bad or good - I will get back to you.