Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I could spend ages apologising for not blogging but I am not gonna bother.

I am trying to cut back on the time I spend online - Otherwise I may just spend all of my thirties sat here as well. Call it a midlife crisis if you will but I am really restless at the moment - I am currently in the middle of compiling a top ten list of things to do before I die .... What does that say huh?

Its not intentional I dont intend to moan but I dont see my husband from one week to the next and whilst my children are in school all I have to do is pick up after them, sometimes it just seems pointless.

Soooo I am trying with all my resolve to be more proactive, But it all takes time. I am only changing small things at the moment and thats hard enough.

It will all be ok though because very soon easter will be here and I can eat tons of chocolate without needing an excuse!!!!