Thursday, April 27, 2006

Today I was blessed with an unexpected visit from my Grandad and his best friend, which would normally be fine if it wasnt half term and I wasnt burried in endless amounts of mess.

My grandfathers friend I have only met a few times and today I learnt a valuable lesson - Dont ask old people how they are, because it will result in a half an hour conversation (of time you cant really spare) of babble about their health resulting in a 'lets bash the NHS' moan. "Fine thanks" would have worked so much better for me.

And I absolutely object to any old people, who arnt related to us in anyway, refering themselves as 'uncle' to endear them to children. Kids arnt stupid you know - Whoever thought they are is very very mistaken.

And one last thing, it is not polite to visit someones house and pull the cats tail just because its long, pretty and fluffy. I am not wrong about this am I? Poor Posh the cat was horrified.

It was however nice to see my grandad, he doesnt really visit often enough and I love him to bits.