Monday, May 14, 2007

She splattered blood all over my face - and even worse it was my own blood. Today was my first trip to the dentist since the practice changed hands. Its changed from a one dentist welcoming enviroment to a super sterile stainless steel business run by many female straight talking emotionless 6ft twenty something's.

It was a daunting experience. The first thing that bothered me was the empty waiting room! Then there was the abrupt bedside manner. "Turn head", "Rinse", "Open mouth". After my check up she concluded (loudly) that I need a filling (which I knew) and that another appointment had to be made.

Could she let me walk away empty handed? Oh no, she decided a descale and polish was in order. And so it began. I think she missed my teeth altogether because seriously my gums have never bled that much (and my teeth look no different) It took three tissues to wipe the blood from my face and five rinses to get rid of the awful taste. My gums are now purple.

And crap I still have to have the filling next week. That's one to look forward too then!!