Tuesday, May 08, 2007

In the last couple of weeks I have discovered to my horror that I dont know everything. As a Mum to a seven and five year old surely I should at least know the following.

On the subject of ladybugs, I discovered they can bite. Really this had never occured to me before. An in depth discussion with Joanna led to me looking it up to prove her wrong and then hurrying away to do 'Mum stuff' when I discovered she was right.

A few days and a geography lesson later I explain to her that we dont get earthquakes in the UK and what happens the next day? How unreal was that? I have also told her we dont have volcanos here but suddenly I am not so sure.

As well as this....

Giving children more space to play in doesnt mean less mess it means more! I need say no more.

Buying said children a keyboard for christmas was not encouraging creativity it was encouraging headaches.

And Rice Krispie cakes are not a quick, easy and tidier way to 'cook' with your children.