Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Has anyone else tried these get paid to surf things? Was just wondering, I signed up for this one
Adbux It seems ok. I guess I am just looking for the next big internet thing as I am bored of Myspace and everything else thats grabbed my undivided attention for .... oooo two days.

So what is it that everyone else is doing online? Am I missing out on something big? Is anyone else getting bored of blogging and all the other things that were big for a bit. I heard about this second life but decided I couldn't as a 31 year old wander around an internet world pretending that I wasnt in an elaborate chat room with lots of spotty teenagers (no offence intended)

So now I end up doing boring grown up stuff online (and no it doesnt involve porn) I check the news and the weather and my bank account and this is just too boring for words.

What happened to the old internet? Where I would stay up til 2am and to hell with it if I couldnt get up to get the kids to school the next day.