Sunday, June 26, 2005

The last week has been so hectic here. Because I am too lazy to write a long entry here is my last week in the form of a list (I like lists)

1. Gary dragged me to a lorry show in his truck last weekend where I suffered endless truck talk and lots of shiny lorries - Men and their toys!!!! Say no more

Very pretty trucks !!!!!!! Posted by Hello

2. Had my first party on Tuesday night for Fairydust gifts We usually sell on Ebay but decided to have a go at party plan. In short, cleaned all day, curtain rail fell down, only 5 turned up and I ended up drinking a couple of bottles of wine on my own after everyone went and went to bed feeling very merry - We did quite well regardless and have another party booked :)

3. Had a call early Wednesday morning to say Garys grandad had died. Was a very sad day - He was a great bloke.

4. Friday Gary crashed his lorry and completely destroyed a Honda who had stalled at a roundabout. Even the kebab and 4 bars of chocolate he ate when he got home failed to improve his mood.

5. Saturday and another lorry outing, this time we were towing a carnival float around town. In our infinate wisdom we not only took our kids but nephew Kieran. All I can say is that I havent been that tired in years.

Today I have done nothing and have loved it. Next week I have Gary home all week -He has decided to take some time out which is exactly what I will need after having him under my feet for a week .........just kidding ;)

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