Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sometimes its nice to get a break from the computer, But when hubby tells you ... no negotiation that you shouldnt be online in his presence - Well your gonna want to be on here more right???

Yes I agree that it cant be pleasant for him constantly staring at my back, but I cannot sit and watch the Simpsons re-runs for 6 hours in a row. He says he is an internet widow - Theres not really a smart answer back to that really is there? The intermaweb, as he calls it, is all nonsense to him.

For the last two days though I have not been online, Joanna and myself have had what we so eloquently call the 'lurgi' or bug. I can stand sore throats, colds, flu and many other every day ailments however vomitting really gets me. And yet what is the first thing my dear husband decides to do whilst I am suffering? yeap you got it - surf the net....nuff said.

So here I am sneakily disobeying my husband and having a sneaky five minutes (ok maybe 15) online whilst he is in the bath. Promise to catch up with all my reads soon. Hi to Natalie - miss catching you online now your working. And Jilly my yahoo pool partner. Better get offline now before my marriage ends in divorce.

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