Friday, June 17, 2005

I really should dye my hair blonde! I cant believe it, Hubby is going to kill me.

After finishing the wooden floor we have a few bits here and there that have to be filled in, so last weekend we went out and bought wood filler. In my infinate wisdom I decided to fill the holes in myself whilst Gary was working. So I grabbed the wood filler and went on my quest to prove myself an super-duper housewife. It never occured to me when I started filling in the holes that the wood filler should have been .... well .... wood coloured and not white!! It will change colour right???


After carefully filling and smoothing over most cracks in my horror I actually bothered to read the tubes label .... "no more nails" glue. We had bought this the same time to fix the edging around the floor and I didnt notice even though it was a different color. And of course now I cant get the clue out of the cracks and holes and hubby will be home in a few hours - Any ideas on a way out of this that is not gonna make me look like a fool?

They look kinda the same right? Posted by Hello

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