Saturday, June 11, 2005

So who thought up this html nonsense anyway? Its all crap. I am not going to go into the details, But 7 hours, 3 bars of chocolate, a bottle of wine and nearly launching the pc out the window didnt do the trick. Thankyou to my fantastic sister Natalie who I know cannot refuse a challenge.

In other news daughter has her first wobbly tooth and is proudly shaking it in everyones face which can be quite disturbing.

Son has proved he can eat a multipack of Jaffa cakes leaving Dad upset because there were none left for him.

After getting laminate flooring down last week I now feel I have to go on a mission to buy lots of things for the house - So today my quest is for cushions!!! Yes that is as exciting as my life gets. A chinese meal and a film (tonight Meet the Fockers)on a Saturday night is sadly the highlight of my week.

Prehaps next weekend I will go and jump out of a plane or climb Mount Snowdon. You never know whats round the corner.

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