Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Ok so maybe I lied about the posting the next day thing. So here I am a week later trying to get my lazy arse into gear.

In my defence I have done well on my diet and lost another 3lbs this week. And of course the kids were off school last week oh oh and there was no way I could blog because I lost my voice!!!! (well it was worth a try)

We finally (6 months later) finished the laminate flooring this weekend, I couldnt really be bothered to do it if I tell the truth however hubby was feeling proactive so I thought I had better take advantage.

The kids got the better of me this week and I ended up buying them crazy frog tshirts to my own horror. I hate the frog with a passion but my kids love him - I mean really love him. So I am forced to submit and say I suppose something that makes them smile like that cant be all bad. **Hides face in shame**

A big happy birthday to my sister Natalie all the way out in USA. Miss ya hun.

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