Saturday, January 28, 2006

Its official - I am no longer cool. You want to know why - because I dont have ear muffs!!!!! (and perhaps because I am nearly 30)

Now personally I remember ear muffs going out, coming back in and going out again. However now they are fashionable again as my daughter tells me. We spent three hours looking for some of these hideous fashion blunders to make my daughter "cool". Joanna has at some point discovered these and decided they are the must have accessory.

Cool??? Posted by Picasa

Although this is not Joanna it represents how awful these things are. Joanna marched into school in hers and I watched her lapping up the attention as the other girls in her class starting drooling, and ran to their Mums demanding ear muffs by hometime. I was then mobbed by desperate Mums asking where I had bought such pretty ear muffs. Has the world gone mad?

Joanna hasnt worn them since having achieved her goal and has now moved on to ear piercing (Which she can forget all about) However now there are at least eight, six year olds walking around with ear muffs on to Joannas amusement and my horror.