Thursday, May 04, 2006

My dear hubby had a moment of weakness at the weekend and during that time I took full advantage of the situation and got him to buy me a laptop. Always wanted one - dont know why.

So then of course its no good having a computer without having the internet, its like having a broken tv. So yesterday my new wireless modem arrived and then followed ten and a half hours of fiddling, installing programmes, following instructions and then later on tantrums, swearing at the computer and a frustrated hunt in the kitchen cupboards for chocolate.

Finally its working and I am now blogging on my new laptop whilst comfy in bed. And I must say theres something strange about surfing the web whilst in bed, It kind of feels like when you first got the net and sleep was something you vaguely remembered doing before the discovery of Ebay and other such sites.

Last night I hardly got any sleep and by tomorrow shall probably be walking around in a zombie like daze, but screw that, anyone got any good sites that will amuse me and keep me surfing till late into the night???????