Thursday, May 25, 2006

Last Saturday was a strange day. I woke up with a "Wouldnt it be nice if we all went out to dinner" feeling. I had this image in my head of a nice meal out with the kids and hubby which we would all enjoy - all Mother's get this mental picture - Its where the phrase 'quality time' was invented. And as all Mother's can tell you it's a deluded idiotic myth - there's no such thing.

My 'perfect family meal' predictably plummeted into a competition between my two children to see who could win 'Most disobedient child' award. And I can tell you it was too close to declare a winner. Joanna sulked through most of the meal, scowling and declaring as loudly as possible "I wont eat it, I dont like it, you cant make me eat it". Whilst Ethan persistently pointed at other people's food shouting "Ewww your food it yukky" I was suitably unimpressed - needless to say there were harsh words spoken later in the day.

I also made the very deadly mistake of mentioning to Gary that the windscreen wipers on the car needed replacing this week. Normally this would be fine, but apparently windscreen wipers for our Audi can only be bought at Audi and not in any normal car parts shop. I knew I should have got them myself - I can only compare it's effect to letting me loose in Cadbury world and saying "eat as much as you want!!" We never even got to the service counter before he had found a car to drool over. Shall we say the rest is history - shame the bill isn't. We pick our brand new car up on Saturday morning. I am excited, but not thrilled at the idea of spending the whole weekend driving around pointlessly.

This is what our new car will look like. Posted by Picasa