Tuesday, August 15, 2006

After an unfortunate row with Gary Saturday morning I exercised my right to be a complete biatch!! I made him grovel big time, which resulted in lots of retail therapy all on Garys credit card Yummy!!! Even though one of the things I ended up buying was school shoes for the kids!!

I have no other news as I have become a bit of a hermit, not even going out to do the shopping (aint Tesco.com great) I guess you get to week 4 in the summer holidays and you have pretty much run out of (patience ..Just kidding!!) things to do and places to go. I did spend 7 hours cleaning the kids rooms yesterday which was an eye opener I can tell you - Its disturbing what you can find under a 4 year olds bed.

Apart from that I plod on through every day watching endless amounts of childrens dvds and washing Joanna's six outfit changes a day, occasionaly looking out the window watching life pass by.