Thursday, August 31, 2006

After alot of thinking we have decided it's time to move on. The building that will be happening next door will mean alot of hassle for us and whilst I appreciate it wont go on forever, it will mean less light and space for us, It also means we will never be able to add the extension like we had always planned. So after nearly five years we are going to be moving.

After a visit to the estate agents last weekend the house is already up for sale and I feel just a little less secure. I am deliriously overtired having spend the last 24 hours cleaning (apart from 6 hours sleep) My arms ache and I have just said goodbye to our first prospective buyers who decided our garden was too small (Growing plants is highly over rated!)

The estate agents said it wont take long to sell and yet I have the feeling he says that to all his clients. I am pertrified of having nowhere to live if someone does buy this.

I am already stressed to the max and I havent even looked at a piece of paperwork yet. Blah. I refuse to move off the sofa tonight (I actually dont think I could if I tried) All that cleaning for bugger all.