Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I dont usually moan but for a moment I would just like to rant. Whatever I do at the moment someone decides it would be fun to rain on my parade. You see like so many other Mum's out there I still want to be Me! I still want to be considered a person and I still want to prove my worth.

I want to start a business and have had a couple of really good ideas lately and yet it seems that everywhere I turn there's a dead end. I havent found one helpful person yet in helping me get off the ground with three very different ideas, and that includes companies whose job it is to help me (WDA, Foothold etc) I know these ideas work successfully in other areas so I know they arnt rubbish, Its not as if I havent ran a business before so what is it??? What am I doing wrong.

On another subject a piece of land right next to my house which I have been trying to buy of the council for 5 years has just gone up for sale. They have put it up for sale despite denying to me that they even own it. Worse still is that they plan to force in 4 houses there, which will seriously crowd my house. I am annoyed because we have picked up litter there, sprayed their weeds and cut grass there for years to make the place look tidier, and now I am faced with months of building work, noise and mess.

Other than that I have totally spoilt my diet, I have a huge spot on my nose, havent had a decent conversation with anyone in days and have toothache from a wisdom tooth. My brain is so bored it permanently sleeps and there is still an entire two weeks of summer holiday left. There I think that just about covers it.

Mum, Natalie, Eloise and Emily - No need to ring me - I am sure everyone gets pissed off once in a while!!!!