Friday, August 18, 2006

Apparently sleep is just something I am not meant to get at the moment having hardly had any since Monday night. Tuesday Gary decided mistakely to text me in the middle of the night asking me if I was up. He was meant to be texting a work mate. Thing is he text the house phone which converts the messages to voice and then rings you until you answer the thing. Neither me or the children were amused and it was actually quite creepy hearing the eerie BT woman asking if I was up!!!

Wednesday night Gary was home. Aha now I hear you saying "I know what was keeping you awake then" ;) But no such luck! It was infact Gary's phone alarm at 3.30am playing Goldie Looking Chains Crazy dog repeatedley. And worse still we couldnt find the phone to switch it off. I was not amused, especially when his boss rung him at 6am as well.

Thursday night we had heavy rain and thunderstorms all night, enough said. What amazes me is that even after all this the kids are still full of life and ready to go another 10 rounds, me on the other hand well let me just say I really really like my sleep.