Tuesday, August 08, 2006

So someone tell me why there is only 24 hours in a day? And why it flies by for adults and yet 2 minutes for a child is like an eternity. Summer holidays are getting to be a slog and to be honest just having a pee in peace is beginning to sound really appealing.

On a personal level I am determined to achieve more within the next year - I feel ready for a new challenge and I am aiming for self employement. I am restless and need to be getting on with things. However the summer break means that even washing the dishes is posing a problem.

Gary has also had loads of work problems since we have been back from holidays which has meant he has had to move on. His new job meant buying another car and it was another bill we could have done without.

My children have, after digging out an old dvd, developed an obsession with Care bears which has already meant trapesing around car boot sales searching for virtually extinct toys. Joanna is after one particular one called Noble heart horse, so I went looking on Ebay look what one went for on there the other day. I mean why spend that on a teddy ffs. Tell me I am not wrong here.

Finally wooo hooo Jenson Button won a Grand Prix - And typically British he did it with style. Ooo and Gabriella where are you??? Your blog vanished.