Wednesday, May 18, 2005

How was I ever going to find it in this?

How am I supposed to find it in this? Posted by Hello

I looked for nearly half an hour this morning. It's Wednesday and library book day for Joanna. Look at that darkened pit though, How can a five year old that spends so much time making sure she looks beautiful have a bedroom like that?

Two hours later Posted by Hello

Now isnt that much better, more fitting for a beautifl little girl. A whole bag full of rubbish, 5 odd socks, a mouldy sandwhich and more hidden writing on the wall (please note if you are ever going to deny that you wrote on the wall you really shouldnt write your own name!!).. later and I finally find the damn book.

Finally - the library book. Posted by Hello

Too late of course. but ah well nevermind she does love the story. Can you believe I only cleaned that room a week ago? And more to the point that she has supposedly cleaned it three times since then.

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