Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ah crap - I was going to write a nice long entry being as I havent blogged in a week, But my hubby has announced he is home tonight so I now have to run around like an idiot pretending to be the good little housewife that I am not.

We had a "discussion" on the weekend on how easy it is to be a housewife. According to the world of man there is....' no way I can say that I come home from dropping the kids off and clean all day until I pick them up' The world of woman replies 'Well duh no I do stop occasionally to have a pee and some food if thats ok'
He replies 'I am just saying you have it pretty easy' GOBSMACKED And yes he is still currently breathing despite me wanting to rip him to pieces.

Sooo its a race against the clock to prove my worth - so far in the last hour I have washed and dried the dishes, bribed the kids to clean the lounge, stuffed a load in the wash machine and tumble drier and had a quick dash around with the duster.

Now I have to prepare a tantalising meal for two with a tin of harlicot beans, quark (whatever the hell that is) and some tinned tomatos. Damn diet classes for not making more realistic meals for me to make. Wish me luck cos if it tastes shit my name will be mud.

Of course thats on top of everything else I have had to do today which I wont go into and this is now turning into a long post/rant ....sorry... blame pmt!!!

Promise to blog again tomorrow and answer the tag from Rhea.

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