Monday, May 16, 2005

I dont want to sound sexist here, But I only ask my husband to do one job around the house - Mow the lawn. I dont think its much to ask. I have been known to lay laminate flooring, paint bedrooms, mastic the conservatory roof and repair vcr's during the time he is away.

Why then is it that he assumes me as lazy when I ask him to do this one task. Am I lazy when I wash and iron his clothes? Am I lazy when I when I cook him food, de-flea the cat, wash the dishes, change the beds, and everything else that goes along with not only being mum but also being dad whilst he is away all week. He says "weekend is my time" I say "Mine too - but wait housework doesnt take time off"

The lawn did get mowed but unfortunately the strimmer got viciously dismantled when the cable broke for the 7th time. RIP strimmer.

Despite strimmers untimely death, we managed to have a good weekend, We ate lots (And I mean lots) Played hard (football in newly mown garden) And watched lots of tv (Rented the Incredibles film) The weather has been lovely and the weekend was enjoyed by all - here is some proof.

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