Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A week of weirdness consists of

Watching a mother at the school panic because she has to find a goldfish by 3pm that looks exactly like her daughters beloved Nemo who got eaten by the cat the night before.

Finding out that my son is a potential jedi after watching him beat the crap out of his gran and aunty at the same time with a light saber. They will have some bruises tomorrow.

Me kicking crap out of the car door today after not being able to get the door open - Yes this after not being able to keep them shut!!

Celebrating my Dads birthday with a cake (Even though he doesnt do birthdays or cake) because my daughter kept asking why he didnt have one. And I wont even talk about the candles.

Dashing out at 4.30pm on a Monday to post a Cinderella light up jiggly pen to an ebayer who absolutely, definately has to have one by Thursday!!!!!!!!

It being Tuesday and I am not skint, the house is clean and I have actually been to the gym.

And of course finally that it is Tuesday and this is the second blog entry of the week, I had better do something quick or I may actually pass for being organised.

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