Sunday, May 08, 2005

Hello all - Yes I am still alive.

The last week and a half has been so busy.

Friday 30th - Driver side door on the car decides to start voluntarily throwing itself open - even when locked. This major problem forces us to hire a car to go on our trip to Milton Keynes.

Sat and Sun 1st and 2nd - After getting up at 3am sat we got to Milton Keynes without getting lost in any major way and met, Corin Nemec (Stargate), (Christian Coulson (Harry Potter), Tom Felton (Harry Potter), Sean Astin (Lotr), John Rhys Davies(lotr) Bernard Hill (Lotr) Alexis Denisof (buffy) James Marsters (buffy) and Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy) Phew Ooo and big shopping centre too - My credit card loved this place.

Sean Astin Posted by Hello

It was very tiring, but lots of fun.

Mon 3rd - Gary and I decide after the cars recent misbehaviour that its time for us to part company and spend the day looking at cars and then argueing over it which one to buy - Result = no new car

Tue, Wed and Thur - Oh shit, Essays, crap I forgot, I had to write two of them. Spent these three days educating myself and writing up essays on scientific progress in the 17th and 18th centuries and Darwin.

Fri - Oh shit again - No clean bowls - better do some washing up, No clean knickers either - I guess I should do the laundry.

Sat and Sun - Gary is home and the debate about a new car continues. My head hurts when I think about this now.

Tomorrow and Tuesday will be spent continuing to sort this house out - I am exausted just thinking about it.

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