Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The door on the car completely packed in on Friday and wouldnt stay shut, even if you got out and kicked the crap out of it. I mean car doors are there to stop you falling out whilst going around roundabouts - all except mine which wants to kill me.

So now after much argueing with a totally uninterested husband - I mean arnt men supposed to know how to fix this shit? You think he would be interested in me falling out of a car going at 50mph - It would hurt right?

His solution was to tie my door to the back door so now they stay closed but Ethan and I have to climb in the passenger side to get in. And thats not so easy. I am going to make no further comments on my husbands ability to repair cars.

The travelling fair was in town this weekend, and I promised the kids we would go on Saturday or Sunday. Only problem was it rained, Now this wasnt just any rain, this was torrential monsoon thunder and lightening overflow your guttering rain. Unsurprisingly the fair stayed shut. My life, consequently, was a living hell all weekend. Its all my fault that it rained - bet you didnt know I had total control over the weather.

Worst of all the fair packed up Monday morning and went on its way without the kids having paid a visit and how guilty do I feel? They get everything I can possibly provide them, which is more than alot of kids and yet I still feel guilty for not taking them to the fair.

On Friday Joanna's school has a teacher training day (but Ethan's playgroup doesnt)so we are having (according to Joanna) a girly day. I can tell this is going to be expensive. I just know she will use the emotional blackmail "mummy you didnt take us to the fair so can I have...." line.

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