Monday, August 08, 2005

HELP ......Mums? Dads? Anyone?

This morning after nearly three months, Joannas wobbly tooth fell out, she was thrilled to bits, as was I.

We had bought her a little heart shaped tin to present her tooth in so that the tooth fairy could come and take it away. Joanna being prehaps a little optimistic had big plans on what to spend her money on.

But disaster, Joanna put the tooth down (wrapped in toilet paper) for a moment in her room and it has vanished off the face of the earth.

I have torn her room to shreds looking for it, 4 hours, double checked toyboxes, moved beds, draws, units and scoured the entire house for the elusive tooth...reluctantly I am now left to accept the fact that my daughters first tooth is gone.

I am really quite upset that this milestone in her life has been ruined, and I will not have this little momento to keep forever.

And Jo is upset that fairies will not visit our home tonight as there is no tooth to take - any suggestions here?

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