Wednesday, August 10, 2005

So it turns out tooth fairies do have magic powers and can find lost teeth so little Joanna got her visit. My online bestest friend Jilly put her posh(ish)voice on and gave her a call pretending to be a tooth fairy and put her mind at rest. Joanna was chuffed to bits and hasnt failed to tell anyone we meet that she personally knows THE tooth fairy. (which has resulted in some strange looks especially from the checkout lady in Woolworths!!)

To my horror my tumble dryer packed in today - whats even worse is that hubby wont let me buy a new one until he has 'taken a look at it' So what exactly does that mean ?? because every time hubby promises to 'take a look at it' nothing really ever gets done. I suppose its like the grown up expression of 'we'll see', I mean obviously hubby knows he doesnt have a damn clue whats wrong with it and that he has to buy a new one and yet his 'take a look at it' promise sounds good. He probably thinks hes going to come home and I have forgotton to plug it in.

I am not going to say anymore, I have horrendous pmt and I will probably alienate every man alive if I keep talking.

Incidentaly does anyone know why home made play dough has to contain cream of tartar? I mean whos keeps that in the kitchen cupboards??

Right I am off to eat 10 bars of chocolate. x x x

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