Friday, August 19, 2005

After a week of the agony of toothache - I decided enough was enough, I would have of course preferred to do anything else other than go to the dentist but sometimes we just have to do these things.

Soooo I knew what was coming, My dentist has been itching to pull one of my wisdom teeth for years and yesterday he finally got his chance. Two injections and a great big huge pair of teeth pulling things later(It was awful - I could hear the tooth crunching as it was being pulled) and it was out, relatively quickly.

But now I have a great big huge gaping hole in my mouth and havent eaten anything in two days. I have done the unimaginable and bought soup (I cant tell you how much I hate the stuff) My jaw aches like you wouldnt believe and I am soo tired.

And then hubby steps through the door and says he has a cold - and I am supposed to give him sympathy and run around after him because my pain is no where near as bad as his. No comment.

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