Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A hectic week in the Rees family household consists of ....

1. Going on a trip with the local family centre to get together with 20 other family centres - Result 300 kids and as many parents and a severe headache for me!!!!

2. Listening to talk about and going to see various cars and caravans just to keep hubby happy. To me cars have 4 wheels and go when you press accelerater - How difficult a choice can it be?

3. Trying to keep the house remotely tidy whilst my two little whirl winds destroy everthing I do.

4. Taking said whirlwinds to see Girls aloud at a local concert and having the perfect family day out !!!! No really we did - check out the pics here.

5. Trying to keep on top of the Ebay listings we have running (over 100) and wondering what its going to be like xmas time if we cant get enough stock in now.

6. Hating the daily trip to the post office every day with 20 parcels and two kids. And getting nasty looks from those who have to que behind me.

7. Finding a few bottles of alcopops in the fridge when the kids are in bed and getting 'merry' on my own

8. Buying the new school uniform - one of the quickest ways to kiss goodbye to hard earned cash.

9. Trying to plan what to wear to my sisters 18th birthday - who has to be different and have a hollywood fancy dress party. Which leaves me with a dilema as I am not a perfect size 10 and cant really fit into any hollywood style outfits :(

10. Just trying not to collapse with exhaustion at the end of every day and finding when you get to bed that you cant sleep.

Enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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